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  • Rockglen

    A small mining town on the province of [[Province_Falshar | Province_Falshar]]. Rockglen is the first city due south of [[Broken Hill | Broken Hill]]. Rockglen is primarily known for it's rough cut stone which is transported and used throughout the …

  • Oxhall

    Oxhall is a small farming and agricultural village on the Wheating Road between [[Rockglen | Rockglen]] and Thornmere on the province of [[Province_Falshar | Province_Falshar]].

  • Wheating Road

    The Wheating Road is the name for the primary road that stretches between the Falsharian cities of [[Rockglen | Rockglen]] and Deerwall. It is named the Wheating Road due to the heavy agricultural band that exists along the roads duration. This …

  • Thornmere

    Thornmere is an agricultural town located at the [[Kahltus Crossroads | Kahltus Crossroads]], 60 miles north of [[Kahltarna | Kahltarna]].

  • Midlands

    The Midlands refers to the region north of the [[Rystlepeak Mountains | Rystlepeak Mountains]] up to the forests surrounding the ancient elven swamp of [[Saruma | Saruma]] on the continent of [[Province_Falshar | Province_Falshar]].

    Rystlepeak Mountains

    These mountains are located at the southern border of the [[Province_Falshar | Falshar]] [[Midlands | Midlands]]

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