Knights of Allarn

Session 0 - 1-6-2016
Session 5 - Transitions

Having exited the sunken basement they awoke in after being attacked from the shadows, the party finds themselves in the town square of the once great Elven city of Saruma. The party steps out into the somewhat lush forest bed, surprised to see bright green hues instead of the dark browns and greys they were accustomed to seeing in the marsh.

Surveying the area led them to find nothing of interest other than several stone buildings that had been reclaimed by nature decades ago. Billy pointed out that it was unusually bright, given the darkness that surrounded them when they first entered the swamp.

The faint smell of cinnamon and cloves drew the party to the outskirts of the square they were exploring. Cautiously approaching the source of the smell, the troupe of newbie-adventurers came upon a figure hunched over a bubbling cauldron.

This figure, humanoid in nature and dressed in garments that could have once been that of royalty, beckoned them over kindly without even turning to face them. After joining her around the cauldron and gladly partaking in some of the tea brewing in the pot, the party took some time to rest and recover from their fight with the mimic.

After some time and conversation, Drom notices something strange about the figure. She appeared as an elderly Elven woman, but when she spoke, her mouth did not move, and the words she formed seemed to come from the forest surrounding where the party was currently standing.

Drom confronts her about this, and she quickly grabbs his forehead and thrust his head to the side; revealing a puncture wound. One after the other, Bae’lim, Crux, and Billy all check their necks as well, noticing a similar puncture wound.

“I see you’ve met my children,” the voice echoed while the woman gently caressed the puncture wound on Drom’s neck, “we wouldn’t want you getting lost in the marsh out there, people tend to go missing…”

A faint giggle echoed out from the darkness that seemed to be closing in around the cauldron. Crux shuddered upon hearing the giggle and remembering what happened previously.

“…and never make it back.”, the voice continued.

Drom pulled away from the woman’s grasp, and immediately noticed that the darkness that was closing in began to recede into the marsh.

“We’re looking for an old cleric.” Drom spoke with hesitation, unsure of how the old crone would react.

“Ah, you must be speaking of Eme’nar. He was once a cleric, but has not seen the light in quite some time. His shack can be found on a hill north of here, would you like my children to take you there?”

As she finished speaking, a familiar giggle rang out from the treetops, reminding the party again of their previous encounter with the ‘children’.

Drom answered, “No, mam, our barbarian here can find us a way. We best be going now.”

As Drom finished his sentence, the party began to back away from the cauldron and head toward the north.

Drom turned as they were hastily leaving the area, “exquisite tea, by the way, compliments on the use of cinnamon and nutmeg, they really tie….”. Drom is cut off as Crux pulls him by his collar and drags him onward with the rest of the party.

After a solid hour of wandering in a northerly direction, the party noticed that the ground began to slowly give way to marshlands again. Their footsteps became harder to take, and made more and more noise as they trudged through the mud and muck.

Eventually, after trudging between tree after tree after tree, the party found the remains of a cobblestone path. The decision was made to follow the path northward, in the hopes that it led them to their destination. A few minutes after following the path, Crux noticed a clearing a few yards ahead and took off running, leaving the rest of the party behind.

After seeing Crux disappear into the clearing, the remainder of the party heard a very distinct ringing sound, followed by a loud “Oof!”. The party rushed forward to see what combination of events had caused the noises.

Bursting into the clearing, the remainder of the party discovers Crux face-first on the cobblestone path, with a horde of zombies closing in. The party quickly dispatches them and continues on the path northward. Crux manages to pull an ancient greataxe from the clutches of one of the zombies during their encounter.

Purple Glow – Bone Handle, extremely sharp, long blade, stretched halfway down the handle. Tattered leather, had been used a lot. oily texture.

After another 10 or 15 minutes of travel down the path that continued north out of the graveyard clearing, the party notices a cottage on a hill, with telltale signs of someone living there, notably smoke rising from the chimney.

The party approaches the cottage, and enters to find an elderly elf fellow who reeks of body odor, swamp muck and a hodgepodge of herbs and spices. The party learns that this elf is the cleric they have been searching for. He introduces himself as Eme’nar, ex-cleric of Sarenrae. Eme’nar Informs the party that he was there the last time the tome was active, and is the last surviving member of the group that activated it.

He also tells of an ancient order put in place to keep the evil sealed away in the tome, the Knights of Allarn. He and his party were a member of this group:

Session 4 - Clearing out the Fort

*The party continued cutting a path of destruction through the fort, quickly dispatching the disgruntled chef by tossing him into his boiling stew.

*The party also dispatched some dining mercenaries including one they nicknamed ‘Mashed Potato’ because he got a magic missile to the back of the head, slamming his face into his plate.

*the party snuck past the barracks and investigate the storeroom where Drom gathered some cooking supplies.

*crux discovered a wheel behind a bookcase

*the party returned to the barracks and took care of the remaining mercenaries on the bottom floor using some quite clever tactics, including Bae’lim disguising himself as one of the mercs to distract one from his task of securing the gate to the second floor.

*after clearing out the barracks, the party freed the damaged chain and opened the gate to the second floor.

after making it to the dilapidated second floor, the party found a ransacked room and recovered a shield-net of thorns which Drom attached to his shield. after crossing a section of damaged floor, the party came face-to-face with the leader of the mercearies, Falcon. he thanked them for bringing the Tome to him, said they wouldn’t leave alive. Told them about the cleric in the swamp.

*the party entered combat, immediately set the supports of the room on fire, causing Falcon to go into a panic.

*after killing his pet spider, falcon disappeared out the side window, leaving his Ethereal Assassins Belt behind.

*the party escaped from the burning/collapsing building and made it back to the forest where they’d stored their horses.

Session 3 - Journey to Nashar

The party set out towards Nashar at first light, traveling for the day unhindered.

The party set up camp on their first night out, but didn’t think to take watch. A goblin soon discovered their camp and ransacked their food supplies, but was subverted when Crux awoke and heard the goblin. He woke up Billy and the two of them quickly dispatched the goblin and disposed of its body, leaving a pool of blood in the middle of camp.

When the remainder of the party awoke the next morning, they didn’t question the pool of blood and chalked it up to being some sort of shenanigan that Crux and Billy had drummed up.

The party broke camp and continued on to Nashar, having an uneventful night’s rest the following night. After breaking camp a second time, the party drew their travel to a close by arriving in Nashar.

Once in Nashar, the party set out a place to rest. They quickly learned of the Twelve Shakes, owned by Joran. Joran rented out a room to them and served them dinner.

To Flesh Out:

The party gathered information about why they had been drawn to the town learned of Sir Edwin Vollinox and his intentions learned that he hired mercenaries to acquire the Tome of Allarn *The town of Nashar has accused him of hiring the mercenaries for other reasons the mercenaries are camping out in an old abandoned fort outside town Billy scouts out the fort, learns of its inhabitants the party decides to storm the fort the party successfully infiltrates the fort and dispatches 2 patrolling guards the party encounters a training room where Crux is able to show his skill in hand-to-hand combat with one of the mercenaries. after the mercenary was downed, his cohorts attacked and Billy was infected by a goblin dog
Session 2 - The Big Decision

This session took place over a lunch break a couple days prior to our normal night.

During this session, our party found themselves resting in the Stoic Steed, attempting to hash out their next move.

Billy approached Aeliss, and offered her the cup that she tossed at his head during his prior visit. He then invited her back to the parties table to make amends with Crux, who’s ‘shitty establishment’ comments caused them to get kicked out in the first place. Amends were made and the party decided to retire to their room.

Crux, however, decided to find himself a pair of companions for the night, and took his own room at the end of the hall instead of the room prepared for the party. After some shenanigans played by Billy, the companions left the next morning.

Over breakfast, the party decided to go speak with the mayor and see what he wanted of them.

After a lengthy discussion on the situation, the Mayor providing information about the recent burlaries as well as the location and description of Nashar, the party received a 2500gp credit to Caider’s Sundry Goods.

The party was at a crossroads; Continue helping the town of Broken Hill as a thanks for the store credit, or continue to Nashar to gain more information about the Tome of Allarn?

After a discussion and some shopping, the party returned to the mayor and delivered their decision. The mayor wasn’t happy, but understood their thirst for information regarding the book(he was also happy to see it leave the town). He provided the party with a set of horses(thank’s to Billy’s clever negotiation), and the party decided to set out towards Nashar.

The night before they left, Bae’lim made the decision to study the Tome of Allarn instead of sleeping, and chose to inscribe his spell in the book. He was greeted, albeit briefly, by a tiny demon who called him ‘Master’. This demon was confused as to his purpose for being in this plane. He left quickly without providing the party much information.

Session 1 - Recover the Tome!
Session 1 – Recover the Tome!

This initial session led us through the story of how the party got together. We were introduced to their characters, and they accepted their first mission from a local bookseller who’d had a mysterious tome stolen from his collection, the Tome of Allarn.

The party set out to the dense forest north of Broken Hill. After several hours of wandering and avoiding traps and sneak attacks, the party came upon the Lightstone Mausoleum, where the thieves of the book were thought to be hiding.

Shortly after entering the tome, they were beset by several lizardmen ambushes. After quickly dispatching the lizards and surviving the opening of a pair of ancient stone doors, they found the tome.

It was quickly snatched by a smaller-than-usual lizardman, who darted off into a recently dug cavern.

After pursuing the diminutive lizard, they came face to face with the leader of this small pack of lizardman vagabonds. They made quick work of him, but Bae’lim almost succumbed to the tiny lizard’s poisoned dagger after being knocked unconscious after one quick stab.

After defeating the chief and his cohort, the party recovered the tome from a large tent at the back of the cavern. With it they found a sack of gold and a note that said:

“Steal the book from ”/wikis/broken-hill" class=“wiki-page-link”>Broken Hill and bring it to me in Nashar to the west, I’ll be waiting…"

after recovering the tome and returning to Broken Hill, the party quickly learned that this wasn’t the only theft that had occured in the town. After hearing a brief speech from the Mayor, the crowd quickly dispersed. At the end of his speech, after noticing that the party had returned, the Mayor requested to speak with the adventurers.

After being told to come back in the morning, the party returned to the Stoic Steed where they met to regroup and get some rest before making their way back to speak to the mayor the next morning.


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