Knights of Allarn

Session 4 - Clearing out the Fort

*The party continued cutting a path of destruction through the fort, quickly dispatching the disgruntled chef by tossing him into his boiling stew.

*The party also dispatched some dining mercenaries including one they nicknamed ‘Mashed Potato’ because he got a magic missile to the back of the head, slamming his face into his plate.

*the party snuck past the barracks and investigate the storeroom where Drom gathered some cooking supplies.

*crux discovered a wheel behind a bookcase

*the party returned to the barracks and took care of the remaining mercenaries on the bottom floor using some quite clever tactics, including Bae’lim disguising himself as one of the mercs to distract one from his task of securing the gate to the second floor.

*after clearing out the barracks, the party freed the damaged chain and opened the gate to the second floor.

after making it to the dilapidated second floor, the party found a ransacked room and recovered a shield-net of thorns which Drom attached to his shield. after crossing a section of damaged floor, the party came face-to-face with the leader of the mercearies, Falcon. he thanked them for bringing the Tome to him, said they wouldn’t leave alive. Told them about the cleric in the swamp.

*the party entered combat, immediately set the supports of the room on fire, causing Falcon to go into a panic.

*after killing his pet spider, falcon disappeared out the side window, leaving his Ethereal Assassins Belt behind.

*the party escaped from the burning/collapsing building and made it back to the forest where they’d stored their horses.


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