Knights of Allarn

Session 3 - Journey to Nashar

The party set out towards Nashar at first light, traveling for the day unhindered.

The party set up camp on their first night out, but didn’t think to take watch. A goblin soon discovered their camp and ransacked their food supplies, but was subverted when Crux awoke and heard the goblin. He woke up Billy and the two of them quickly dispatched the goblin and disposed of its body, leaving a pool of blood in the middle of camp.

When the remainder of the party awoke the next morning, they didn’t question the pool of blood and chalked it up to being some sort of shenanigan that Crux and Billy had drummed up.

The party broke camp and continued on to Nashar, having an uneventful night’s rest the following night. After breaking camp a second time, the party drew their travel to a close by arriving in Nashar.

Once in Nashar, the party set out a place to rest. They quickly learned of the Twelve Shakes, owned by Joran. Joran rented out a room to them and served them dinner.

To Flesh Out:

The party gathered information about why they had been drawn to the town learned of Sir Edwin Vollinox and his intentions learned that he hired mercenaries to acquire the Tome of Allarn *The town of Nashar has accused him of hiring the mercenaries for other reasons the mercenaries are camping out in an old abandoned fort outside town Billy scouts out the fort, learns of its inhabitants the party decides to storm the fort the party successfully infiltrates the fort and dispatches 2 patrolling guards the party encounters a training room where Crux is able to show his skill in hand-to-hand combat with one of the mercenaries. after the mercenary was downed, his cohorts attacked and Billy was infected by a goblin dog


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