Knights of Allarn

Session 2 - The Big Decision

This session took place over a lunch break a couple days prior to our normal night.

During this session, our party found themselves resting in the Stoic Steed, attempting to hash out their next move.

Billy approached Aeliss, and offered her the cup that she tossed at his head during his prior visit. He then invited her back to the parties table to make amends with Crux, who’s ‘shitty establishment’ comments caused them to get kicked out in the first place. Amends were made and the party decided to retire to their room.

Crux, however, decided to find himself a pair of companions for the night, and took his own room at the end of the hall instead of the room prepared for the party. After some shenanigans played by Billy, the companions left the next morning.

Over breakfast, the party decided to go speak with the mayor and see what he wanted of them.

After a lengthy discussion on the situation, the Mayor providing information about the recent burlaries as well as the location and description of Nashar, the party received a 2500gp credit to Caider’s Sundry Goods.

The party was at a crossroads; Continue helping the town of Broken Hill as a thanks for the store credit, or continue to Nashar to gain more information about the Tome of Allarn?

After a discussion and some shopping, the party returned to the mayor and delivered their decision. The mayor wasn’t happy, but understood their thirst for information regarding the book(he was also happy to see it leave the town). He provided the party with a set of horses(thank’s to Billy’s clever negotiation), and the party decided to set out towards Nashar.

The night before they left, Bae’lim made the decision to study the Tome of Allarn instead of sleeping, and chose to inscribe his spell in the book. He was greeted, albeit briefly, by a tiny demon who called him ‘Master’. This demon was confused as to his purpose for being in this plane. He left quickly without providing the party much information.


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