Knights of Allarn

Session 1 - Recover the Tome!

Session 1 – Recover the Tome!

This initial session led us through the story of how the party got together. We were introduced to their characters, and they accepted their first mission from a local bookseller who’d had a mysterious tome stolen from his collection, the Tome of Allarn.

The party set out to the dense forest north of Broken Hill. After several hours of wandering and avoiding traps and sneak attacks, the party came upon the Lightstone Mausoleum, where the thieves of the book were thought to be hiding.

Shortly after entering the tome, they were beset by several lizardmen ambushes. After quickly dispatching the lizards and surviving the opening of a pair of ancient stone doors, they found the tome.

It was quickly snatched by a smaller-than-usual lizardman, who darted off into a recently dug cavern.

After pursuing the diminutive lizard, they came face to face with the leader of this small pack of lizardman vagabonds. They made quick work of him, but Bae’lim almost succumbed to the tiny lizard’s poisoned dagger after being knocked unconscious after one quick stab.

After defeating the chief and his cohort, the party recovered the tome from a large tent at the back of the cavern. With it they found a sack of gold and a note that said:

“Steal the book from ”/wikis/broken-hill" class=“wiki-page-link”>Broken Hill and bring it to me in Nashar to the west, I’ll be waiting…"

after recovering the tome and returning to Broken Hill, the party quickly learned that this wasn’t the only theft that had occured in the town. After hearing a brief speech from the Mayor, the crowd quickly dispersed. At the end of his speech, after noticing that the party had returned, the Mayor requested to speak with the adventurers.

After being told to come back in the morning, the party returned to the Stoic Steed where they met to regroup and get some rest before making their way back to speak to the mayor the next morning.


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